Kevin McDonald - PArtner

Kevin, a husband and father of three, has been in the Los Angeles construction industry for over a decade.  Not your typical "techie" Kevin enjoys backpacking, rock climbing, and camping.  The dichotomy of interests coupled with his family being test subjects for new technologies has helped him focus on creating the simplest and most user friendly experiences for all his clients.  Much like his partner, Kevin is familiar with all phases of construction and takes a very hands on approach to projects.


justin lepisto - Partner

Justin was born and raised in southern California.  He comes from a family with a construction background.  This helped Justin get into the construction industry nearly 17 years ago.  As a musician, Justin has a keen ear and a passion for quality audio.  He has imparted his extensive construction knowledge to Tech Ops allowing for easy interfacing and control of the multiple subsystems typically found in an automation system.